Stone King - Gravestone and Ornaments 2 Litre

Patio Black Spot Removal

Stone King - Gravestone and Ornaments 2 Litre

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Launched at GLEE as the first product of its kind for gently restoring garden ornaments and Gravestones. Stone King® was duly crowned Winner of BEST NEW PRODUCT in the Garden Landscaping section by the panel of Judges.

Pressure washing stone statues and garden urns can cause damage. Stone King®is designed to work without the need to pressure. Stone King® adheres to the surface of the stone breaking down organic matter.

Naturally Restores the original colour to grave stones and ornamental stone by removing Black Spots and Green Algae. Simply apply, rinse and admire! No pressure washing. No scrubbing, no problem.


1. If possible, place the object you are treating on a hard surface where the residue can be easily washed away.

2. Cover any surrounding grass or foliage to protect from overspray, especially on a windy day.

3. Pour the product into a hand held sprayer (750ml - 2 litres).

4. Hold the hand sprayer at arm's length - Spray on neat and saturate the ornament you are treating, working from top to bottom.

5. Immediately apply a second coat of STONE KING, saturating the ornament, as before.

6. What to Expect: You will start to notice a transformation within 15 minutes of application. Green Algae will disappear before your eyes, the black spots will begin to break up and the natural colour of the stone will return.

7. NO NEED TO SCRUB or PRESSURE WASH - After 2 hours, remove using a garden hose or filling the hand sprayer with water.

8. Once dry - Re treat any remaining black spots or organic growth locally. On very old stone, the larger black spots with deeper roots may require repeat applications.