Go Ferrous

Patio Black Spot Removal

Go Ferrous

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Go Ferrous was formulated to remove all types of rust staining from Patios, paths, and garden stonework.  

Lawn Fertilisers contain iron sulphate. When accidentally spread on wet patios and paths they can leave small rust marks across your stonework. To remove, use Go Ferrous.

Go Ferrous will also remove rust stains caused by BBQ equipment, metal pots and plants.

Go Ferrous can be safely used on Indian Sandstone, York Stone, Limestone, Granite, and all other natural or artificial slabs, without destroying the surface. Does not damage the surface of the stone unlike more conventional aggressive acids, so can safely be used around the garden and washed into flower beds. Go Ferrous will not remove rust from metal.

2 Litre container will cover 10 SQM

4 Litre container will cover 20 SQM


1. With the lid firmly in place, shake the container well before opening, to ensure no settlement has occurred during storage.

2. Apply to the surface by pouring or spraying, directly onto the offending area. A brush can be used to spread the product across the slab.

3. Ensure the stain itself is fully covered with a small puddle of Go Ferrous. ALWAYS treat the whole slab.

4. What to expect - Nothing for the first 2-3 hours. Go Ferrous is a clear liquid - made from recycled green-leaf vegetables. No fizzing or reaction will be seen. Gradually, the stain will disappear. After 12 hours, review the results, if rust remains, simply retreat. The darker the stain, the longer the dwell time required and repeat applications. 

5. After the rust has been removed, simply rinse with hot water from a watering can. For a larger area, lightly pressure wash. 

In warm temperatures, apply in the evening when the temperature is cooler. If the product dries out, reapply.