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The Patio Black Spot Removal Company was created to solve a specific problem: How do you remove those hideous black spots from your patios and pathways?

Acid-based cleaners and endless pressure washing will permanently damage your stone. This approach will cause short and long term damage to plants in the surrounding area.

Sandstone is sedimentary; it cures in layers and splits in layers. The vibration caused by pressure washing causes these layers to delaminate, resulting in destroying the surface and breaking the stone.

Patio Black Spot Remover gently removes black spots, completely restores the colour to garden stonework, of any age, and prevents the return of black spots. Our products are biodegradable and acid free. Our expertise in stone led us to develop this unique system and it’s why top garden centres throughout the UK have chosen to stock our pioneering brand.

If you're interested in having the work carried out for you, please contact the office on 0800 500 3032.

For DIY users, The Patio Black Spot Remover should be used initially. 12 months later, and every 12 months thereafter, apply Patio Black Spot Preventer to maintain the condition. The Preventer is a spray and leave treatment, no pressure washing involved.