Improve the appearance of your property


Moss growing on a roof causes issues for the property owner. It has a detrimental effect to the overall look of the property. It is known to be the single, most damaging factor to the deterioration of the tiles and reduces the life of the roof. It is directly responsible for blocking gutters and downpipes. Birds search through moss, for bugs before dropping it on the paved areas and plants below.

The Moss Boss treatment is designed to address the above issues whilst completely restoring the colour and appearance to any composite tiled roof. With both composite and clay tiles, the Moss Boss treatment will extend the life of the tiles by removing moss and any other organic growth.

This is a service that we have provided to existing clients for the last eight years. It offers similar stunning results as we achieve when carrying out our Patio Black Spot Removal treatments. It does not involve scaffold, or anyone walking on your roof. Results will last for up to 5 years before any other treatment is required.

Please note - We can only offer the Moss Boss Roof Treatment between the months of September and January. The Moss Boss product sold on our website will not provide the same results as our service, due to our team using a combination of products to provide the best results.


- Completely restore the colour and original appearance, to any composite or slate roof.

- Preserve the life of your roof tiles

- Unblock gutters and downpipes

- Prevent any re growth of moss. Providing a moss free roof for up to five years.

- No scaffolding required (we use a Sky spider)

- No security issues caused by scaffolding being left in place for weeks