Patio Black Spot Remover For Block Paving
Patio Black Spot Remover For Block Paving

Patio Black Spot Removal

Patio Black Spot Remover For Block Paving

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For use on Block Paved Drive, Patios and Pathways. Will also resurrect those original colours of both Brick and Clay Block Pavers.
4 Litres: Maximum Area: 18 square metres.
2 Litres: Maximum Area: 9 square metres.

Patio Black Spot Remover is currently the only product developed specifically to remove those hideous black spots and restore the colour of stonework. Patio Black Spot Remover for Block Paving will remove black spots from block paved drives, patios and pathways. Patio Black Spot Remover will also resurrect those original colours of both brick and clay block pavers you thought were lost forever. Coverage rate is based on a patio that is 3 years old. The older the stone, the more treatments required. Carry out a trial slab to determine the coverage on your stonework.

To maintain your garden stonework and stop the return of the black spots, buy and apply our Patio Black Spot Preventer annually. This will kill any black spot spores before they have the chance to germinate and turn into spots and will also remove green algae without the need to power wash!




1. Use neat – DO NOT DILUTE – Pour our solution into a pneumatic garden sprayer. (A ‘Hozelock’ 5L or 7L sprayer is recommend. Do not use a hand sprayer.) Pressurise the sprayer.
2. Apply the product to a dry surface, as a fine mist and saturate the surface.
3. If you have not used the product before. Treat just one slab first. The older the stone, the more treatments it will require. The product will remove every single last spot. By completing one slab first, this will give you an indication of how many treatments your stone will require. Only when you have removed all the black spots from the first slab, continue with the rest of the area.
5. Once applied, allow to cure for a period of 2 hours.
6. Remove using a pressure washer, ideally with a minimum flow of 7 litres per minute. Use the fan jet attachment to sweep the dirt away. Other attachments such as circular spinning attachments will not give you the best results.
7. Any black spots that remain, simply retreat (when the surface is dry) allow to cure for 1 hour then wash off.
8. Repeat this process until no black spots remain.
9. Apply the Patio Black Spot Preventer 12 months later. Do not seal the patio.

Exceeding the recommended coverage rate will reduce the performance of this product. Coverage will vary depending on surface porosity and profile, e.g when treating sloping areas or riven surface, beware of surface run off and retreat as necessary to ensure correct coverage.

The Patio Black Spot Remover is quickly and readily biodegradable. The effluent if washed into soil, flower beds or lawn will breakdown rapidly. This product will not affect surrounding lawns or foliage in diluted state. Keep animals and unprotected persons off the treated area until dry.

Ensure product doesn’t come into contact with skin, eyes or respiratory tract. In the event product does comes into direct contact with the body, immediately rinse with water. Ensure this product does not come into contact with fabrics or furnishings.