Moss Boss 4 Litre

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Moss Boss 4 Litre

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Protect your roof tiles with Moss Boss

Moss has a detrimental effect on the overall look of your property. It is known to be the single, most damaging factor to the deterioration of the tiles and reduces the life of the roof. Moss is directly responsible for blocking gutters and downpipes.

Moss Boss can be safely applied to clay, concrete and slate roof tiles, including flat roofs. Moss Boss is designed to kill moss and clear green or red algae within 5 days of application, preventing any regrowth for up to five years. Moss Boss is NOT a cleaner of dirt.

All the correctly treated moss will die within 5 days of application. Over time, weathering will gradually break down the moss. 

Moss Boss can be used on other functional areas including garden paths, tarmac and resin driveways. Dilute up to 5/1 giving you a coverage of 100 SQM per 4 litre container. 

For Roofs:

Coverage For Heavy Moss Growth - 60 SQM

Each 4 litre pack diluted 1:2 with water, (1 part of Moss Boss to 2 parts water) will treat a maximum area of 60 square metres.

Coverage for surfaces just starting to show signs of Moss growth - 80 SQM

Each 4 Litre pack diluted 1:3 with water, (1 part of Moss Boss to 3 parts water) will treat a maximum area of 80 square metres.

Always add Moss Boss after filling the sprayer with water to stop excess bubbling when mixing.


1. Apply on a dry day, when there is no imminent threat of rain for 48 hours. 

2. Fill a pump up garden sprayer (minimum 3 litres capacity) with 2 litres of clean tap water, then add 1 litre of Moss Boss, making 3 litres of finished product. This quantity will treat 15 square metres.

3. Apply ALL the product to an area NO LARGER THAN 15 square metres (3x5 metres), saturating the surface.

4. Repeat stages 2 and 3 above for areas larger than 15 square metres.

If moss reappears in shaded or north facing areas, simply treat those areas locally, killing any new moss within 5 days.