Patio  “Black Spots” are those left on your Stonework  AFTER you have power washed your Terrace, Patio or Pathway.   
Lady Macbeth was almost driven insane by them!
“Yet here’s a Spot”
“Out, damn’d spot ! Out, I say !

One; two: why, then ‘tis time to do it – Hell is murky.....”

Your Stonework could also look murky, as it emerges from Winters grasp!

Encouraged by clear air, and warm damp conditions, these “Black Spots” cohabit with various funghai, feeding off the minerals in the stone and growing at a rate of 1.66mm per annum, eventually producing a plethora of unsightly “Black Spots” obliterating the original beauty of your Stone.
Don’t let those “Black Spots” drive you in sane!
Manufactured for and marketed by “The Patio Black Spot Removal Company Ltd” in the UK, “PATIO BLACK SPOT REMOVER” is the First and Only Dedicated System brought to the Market specifically to remove Black Spots from your Garden Stonework.

As Spring Approaches and the days lengthen let The Products and Services of the PATIO “BLACK SPOT” REMOVAL COMPANY will revive your “Murky” stonework , and let you sleep easier at night!

PATIO “BLACK SPOT” REMOVER works on virtually all Natural and Pre Cast Stone found in domestic Garden settings, Schools, Colleges and the Leisure Industry.



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